The Intelligent Systems Laboratory is part of the Center for Intelligent Systems Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the Technion, established in 1989.

the laboratory team


To conduct theoretical and applied research in robotics and control, computer vision, image processing and learning. To encourage interdisciplinary interaction, and to promote collaboration with local hi-tech industries active in our fields of interest.


Currently, the Center for Intelligent Systems functions chiefly through the Intelligent Systems Laboratory in the Computer Science Department. Four senior faculty, and approximately 60 students are engaged in research in the Laboratory at all levels. Research projects include advanced undergraduate term and year projects, M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses, as well as advanced research and development cooperative efforts with commercial and industrial organizations. The scope of activities in the laboratory became more focused in the recent years covers research in areas such as computer vision, learning and autonomous systems. Special attention is given to multi agent robotics, biologically inspired vision, and to medical application. Active and successful collaboration with the industry takes place as well, and several PhD level researchers from other universities and from the industry collaborate with the CIS members.


Doing this kind of research requires involves many disciples and requires the talents of many people. We are currently building, for example, in-house designed autonomous robots that will be used in our studies of automatic navigation multi agent robotics and virtual reality computers for aiding Parkinson patients. Such projects require knowledge in mechanics, sensors, electricity, and computers science.